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Tiny and Doc: Born in the ruins of a crumbling city, where life was hard and families had to fight for what they could get, Tiny and Doc are twins, but in their case one got the brains and the other got the muscle. Doc was not expected to live when he was born; his small body was weak and hardly able to sustain life. But even from an early age, Tiny was devoted to his brother, protecting him from those who would mock the “little monster.” Tiny was not blessed with brains, but his body more than made up for that and he fights for both of them to survive. Abandoned at an early age, they carved out a life for themselves in the wastelands, doing whatever they needed to survive. Doc is smart, but cruel – the only person he ever shows feelings for is Tiny. Doc’s legs stopped working long ago and now he is carried around on Tiny’s shoulders. Tiny would do anything for Doc, and protects him ferociously. They live as guns for hire, but have been known to take control of a gang when it suits them. If things get too dangerous, Doc knows when to tell Tiny to cut and run. Tiny does know how to drive and when driving will place Doc on the passenger seat. Doc may not be mobile, but when it comes to firing a weapon, he is a sure shot.

Lefty: He must have had a real name once, but not even Lefty can remember it. His past life is all a blank. His first memory is of waking up in a crashed Valiant WS, upside down in a ditch at the side of the road. How long he had been there or how he got there, he could not remember. All he can remember is the pain in his right arm which was crushed and twisted. He managed to crawl from the wreckage and stagger through the wastelands until he found an old abandoned gas station. Here he found water and roadkill for food. His right arm was useless but, biting through the pain, he strapped a strip of metal to his arm to keep it stable. Over the coming months, he learnt to use his left arm more and more, and the muscles grew bigger and stronger. He travels the Warlands as a gun for hire. His favorite weapon is the crossbow with his own design of an autoloader, a necessity to replace his useless right arm.

2 finely detailed 20mm scale metal models.

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