Click to enlargeVatacina Confessor

The Confessors are considered the most dreaded of the Vatacina. Their psychic abilities of telepathy and empathy enable them to read even the most guarded of minds, rooting out deep secrets and manipulating emotions to their best advantage. Prolonged exposure to a Confessor will eventually turn the most resolute of individuals into a screaming wreck. Whilst all Vatacina members are trained in the use of psychic shielding, none will deliberately meet the direct gaze of a Confessor, even though members of this group do restrict their abilities amongst brothers.

1 x Vatacina Confessor - 1 finely detailed metal miniature. Models are supplied unpainted and may require assembly. Data Card available for download on the Rezolution download page -

Supplied on standard 28m base. Glue and paint not included.

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