Vatacina Starter Set

Saviors of Humanity?

They have watched and waited patiently down through the ages. Reading the signs and manipulating events, the Vatacina have placed their agents in positions of power until the time is right. With the coming of those with latent psychic powers over the last century, the Vatacina have gathered these gifted ‘craft’ users to them, though some have questioned the numbers who have been sheltered under the Vatacina’s protective wing as less a flock and more an army. What secrets do they harbor in their sanctuary in the stars?

Fight the ‘Good’ Fight

Now the time for action is at hand. Are you strong enough to stand against the Darkness and guide the forces of Man to victory?

This box set contains a full Vatacina Crew ready to be assembled, painted and sent into battle! With just a few dice and a ruler, you will have everything you need to begin your conquests in the Rezolution Universe.

Contents include: 4 finely detailed metal miniatures • 1 Cardinal • 1 Brother of the Mind (hacker) • 1 Watcher • 1 Sentinel 5 Data Cards Deviation Dice Rezolution Quick-Start Rules CD-ROM including printable terrain, counters and templates

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