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Not all Dravani are in agreement with the direction their race has taken. From the very beginning when the first life was taken of another sentient species, there were those who declared that this was wrong and not the Dravani way. Unfortunately, those voices were few compared to the millions who thirsted for conquest, but still those voices have never gone away. If anything, since the incident of the far planet and the ‘creation’ of the Souless, their numbers have risen, although the Dravani military and aristocracy largely remain free of such ‘radical’ thinking. Even amongst the few who came to Earth, there were dissenters; those who said the Dravani should reveal themselves and work with mankind. Few in number and ignored by the majority, they see Earth as the perfect opportunity and have decided to take action now that the odds are not as overwhelmingly against them. The Shadow Assassins formed in the early part of the 21st century, now operate as mercenaries with the objective of thwarting Dravani operations at every possible opportunity.

1 x Merc Shadow Assassin - 1 finely detailed metal miniature. Models are supplied unpainted and may require assembly. Data Card available for download on the Rezolution download page -

Supplied on standard 28m base. Glue and paint not included.

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