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A Reason to Fear the Dark

The Dravani arrived on earth ‘somewhat accidentally’ in the distant past and have lived (and fed!) while disguising their true nature from man. Over the centuries, they have built an Empire but, though powerful, they are still few compared to the billions swarming around them. They know humanity would not look kindly upon them, so they have adapted and used man against himself, but now the layers of lies and deception are being peeled away as flesh from bone, and the Dravani will be revealed as the monsters they really are. But by then it may already be too late!

This box set contains a full Dravani Crew ready to be assembled, painted and sent into battle! With just a few dice and a ruler, you will have everything you need to begin your conquests in the Rezolution Universe.

Contents include: 7 finely detailed metal miniatures • 1 Dravani (Human Form) • 1 Wraith (hacker) • 1 Executor • 4 Lektra Vassals 4 Data Cards Deviation Dice Rezolution Quick-Start Rules CD-ROM including printable terrain, counters and templates.

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