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Asia Pacific, the world’s first incorporated state, blend honor and tradition with state-of- the-art technology. APAC not only dominates the world of business, but also the shadow wars that wage across the system. As one of the most targeted entities for espionage and sabotage, their forces are some of the largest and best equipped. It is rumored their ‘internal security force’ is greater in number than the CSO’s standing force, and they will need every one of them, man, woman and child, to stand against the coming storm…

This box set contains a full APAC Crew ready to be assembled, painted and sent into battle! With just a few dice and a ruler, you will have everything you need to begin your conquests in the Rezolution Universe. Contents include: 6 finely detailed metal miniatures • 1 Arashi • 1 Yuurei (hacker) • 4 APAC Enforcers 3 Data Cards Deviation Dice Rezolution Quick-Start Rules CD-ROM including printable terrain, counters and templates

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