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Rezolution Assignment Update #1 PDF release

Rezolution Assignment Update #1: To Catch A Thief is only available as a download in PDF format - available from

<< Hi-Rez here! Listen up all you grid jockeys out there in the wired world, sailing around the Grid looking for something radical. Something has gone down that you are all going to want to know. Interested? This one is a beaut, a corp getting what they deserve. IdentiCorp has had their butt kicked with a shipment of the new ZX-009 Ident chip in the wind.

Whoever did this, I salute you. Taking out an SV-X1 armored transport is one gutsy move, partner. The static says that the package is now walled up in an empty warehouse somewhere in sector 7 awaiting evac. Not sure if this was part of the plan, but that’s what’s going down.

Not that I am advocating hijacking the hijackers, but this package of ZX-009’s - man, they just shouldn’t be out there! >>

Rezolution Assignment Update #1: To Catch A Thief is a multi-player assignment and includes How to Scratch Build a Sentinel Turret as well as a bonus CSO Solo Assignment.

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