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January 2175 The violence is no longer contained in the shadows of the towering megalopolises, but has spread like a disease across the globe and into the depths of space. Corporate warships clash above Mars, while sinister cults breed in the slums of the outer cities and wastelands spreading their message of destruction amongst the lost and disenfranchised. Alien hands reach out across the stars and sow the seeds of destruction and on the seeming tranquility of the moon the unthinkable has happened!

Welcome to the Outbreak of WAR!

Cities falling from the sky, rogue psychics in the Arizona wastelands and all contact has been lost with the lunar city Serenity and that’s just in January! The epic adventure continues in the first supplement for Rezolution containing over 20 new missions including linked storyline assignments, new characters, new environmental effects and complete Campaign Rules! Now you can create your own characters and take your force from game to game gaining in experience and skills, add new equipment and upgrade your hackers. A new faction enters the arena, the Vatacina. Down through the ages they have watched and waited but now their time is at hand!

Contents Include • Over 20 new assignments, including story linked missions for your crews. • Complete Campaign Rules: Create your crew and characters, gain experience, new skills and abilities with each completed assignment. • Paycheck: Map based campaign system, rival crews via for control of city sectors and vital infrastructure. • The Vatacina: A powerful new faction enters the fray; They have prepared since the dawn of man for this coming conflict are you ready to guide them to victory? The secret origins of the Vatacina revealed, as well as complete background on this mysterious and deadly force. • New equipment and weapons. Upgrade your hackers with new boards and programs. • New environmental effects. In 2175 even nature is against you

Plus new fiction, artwork, color sections and much more!

A whole new universe of game-play awaits you; do you have what it takes to survive in 2175?

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